8 framed (23.5w x 23”h) silver gelatin archival photographs (18.5w x 12”h) hung side edges touching for a total of 15’ 8” of running space.

The eight images are of a young girl – Gurushabd, my daughter – playing around a mound of sand on the shore of Sauble Beach. As I circled my daughter I was conscious of standing on a planet that is itself in orbit around the sun.

The orientation of each view is directed inward toward Gurushabd playing and outward opening to sections of the landscape. Each image is taken from one of the eight compass points, facing toward Gurushabd at the centre of the “circle”. The clockwise sequencing adds up to a 360 degree surrounding space even as this landscape collapses perceptually into a panoramic line.

Har-Prakash Khalsa, 2004.

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