Painted Womb Series

In April of 1989 my daughter Gurushabd and I began our Painted Womb Series. Once every month I would provide non-toxic acrylic paints and a copy of the same photographic image for her to paint on. The photograph shows my wife 9 months pregnant with Gurushabd.

The initial painting began when my daughter was almost 10 months. The first few images were done with Gurushabd in her high chair and me putting colours in her hands. Later we moved onto the floor where she began selecting the colours. Often she used her hands, feet and other parts of the body in applying the paint. Several times, at her request, she used a paint brush and the photo was attached to her easel.

I had planned to use between 35 to 40 photographs. When we reached the 36th month of our project together Gurushabd informed me that she didn’t want to paint the photographs anymore.

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