Infinite Pulse

The mechanics of how our human sensory system usually operates dictates that we fixate the world into particulate forms. The relationship to our sensory system can change through systematic inner investigation (as in some forms of meditation) such that the wave nature and spaceness of experience presents itself.

In Motion Pictures I use long exposures, selective focus, multiple exposures and movement of both the camera and my body in depicting the 60 cycle a second pulsations found in Alternating Current (AC) incandescent lighting, seen here as broken lines in the photo. Count sixty of these dashes and you’ve traced one second of movement. What we experience everyday has been deconstructed to reveal what is seldom seen. Look into the darkness between the dashes and you see the space where the pulsating light arises from and dissolves back into. To experience the self and world like this frees us from the prison of being limited to time and space.

The images of A Sudden Flash of Lightning are an acknowledgement of the beauty and poetics of an archetypal branching pattern found throughout nature and a contemplation on form and formlessness . In these works I have used the form from scientific teaching aids variously known as Captured Lightning, Electron Trees, Failure Modes, Qwaxk and Lictenberg Figures.

These branching forms are created when an insulating material is irradiated with electrons traveling at almost the speed of light from a Linear Particle Accelerator. When these trapped electrons discharge, the molecular structure is disrupted. A fracturing of the material occurs, leaving behind a branched network. I photograph the resulting form with a view camera emphasizing the delicate detail created from an absence and filled with space.

Har-Prakash Khalsa

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